On-Demand Live Agent Support

Whether you only need SMS texting, or texting with Live Agent support – we’ve got you covered!

Why add Live Agent Support?

AnswerMyText is the first provider to offer 24/7 on-demand agents to handle your business text conversations in three ways:
on-demand, scheduled,
and overflow to ensure you can always be there for your customers, even when you’re not at your screen.

Adding Live Agent Support to your AnswerMyText plan gives you a full suite of benefits, including:

On-Demand Answering

Launch agent support from your AnswerMyText dashboard with the click of a button. When other duties take you from your customers, you can rest assured our agents will be there to text for you.

Scheduled Answering

If your capacity to answer texts varies day-to-day, we got you! We’ll handle your customer messages when you’re not available. Just set the hours you’ll be away and let us handle the rest.

Overflow Answering

When you receive a customer text, you’ll have the option to respond. If you don’t answer in a set timeframe, our agents will respond for you without missing a beat!

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